Stop Loosing your time

Someone who starts something and never finish something that is a loser, someone who starts something and always finnishes it, that is a closer. Be a closer, not a loser.

Casey Neistat All rights to him:

My child? Ooo, very busy building something, got divorced, puts in an extra 12 hours even after work, and is about to launch. Missed the last 2 Christmas Eve dinners, but I am sure it will be worth it.

Your Mom 2 years ago...

I'm going to add the next feature and perfect the loading timing. In 3 months, I'll do a closed beta with friends. I have yet to do my market research, so I'm going to pay a guru to tell me how to sell my creation. I'm planning to release it in 2 years, but it's going to be fire!!

Timy Never Released, got dismotivated, and dissapeared from the internet

The Manifesto

This website is for all wannabe entrepeneurs/indiehackers/artists/creators that struggle to finnish things.
That get paralyzed overanalyzing, or get distracted for the next big thing

The best way of getting good at something is doing it, a lot, and often
Stop loosing time hesitating, perfectioning and, do it

Be a closer and not a loser
And go fucking release it

How this works

You set a goal of what you want to create

You set a deadline for its release

You set a price to pay if you dont make it on time

Close to the deadline, you'll receive an email to submit your link as proof that you've stopped procrastinating and have launched something

If you have nothing to show, or what you present doesn't match the initial goal, you'll be charged

If you deliver what you said you would, no money will be charged


This people had allready released


You know, I changed the logo, U know what?, Nathing Happened xD,

Erlon Musk

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